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The billions of pages on the Internet contain almost anything you would wish to know; unfortunately, search engines can only go so far. Unless you highly refine your search criteria, search engine queries can produce an enormous amount of unusable links. Links with relatively little or no real content.

When you need everyday facts and information, turn to Home & Office Reference Express®. As your desktop reference companion, we are an authoritative and respected reference repository for Internet users at home, school or in the office. Through our portal you gain quick access to the best online reference resources including dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a myriad of useful information sources. We have included access to today's leading news stories, sports, weather and popular search engines links, and more. We constantly review, update and upgrade our website with new material. Think of this site as Google! crossed with your local librarian...

Our goal is to provide a megasite with a variety of practical subject and reference material in a concise format of catergorized, alphabetized and searchable listings to help you quickly locate everyday facts and information. If you mouse-over many of the site links, an additional popup annotation will appear giving a synopsis of content information.

You can navigate our web pages in several ways. First, use the menu (left) for major section links. Start on our Home page with a convenient set of desktop essentials including calculators, news bar, daily features and a variety of other useful links including free security software, browser updates, and security information. The Portable desktop page is for the iPad, Laptop, Netbook or Tablet users on-the-go; use as your homepage for portable devices. Peruse the Site Map option for a complete alphabetized website index to our pages. To SEARCH our site for content (by word or phrase), use the Google Custom Search box located top right on each page.

Our News & Info section is your daily source for news, weather, sports and variety. For a quick look at today's top news headlines and information, click the Headline News link. If your looking for a more extensive list of daily news, weather, business, sports, periodicals and commentary from leading media sources, you will find it on our Daily News page. Our Daily Variety page contains an assortment of websites updated daily with relevant news, science, information and advice for today. When you need quick access to your local weather, use the Express Weather page with weather links, severe weather alerts, temperature conversions and a wind chill calculator. Our Sports Desk page gives you top sports headlines with the most popular media links covering sports. Take a break with a variety of websites on the lighter side with humor, puzzles, oddities and general interest on the Odds & Ends page.

From almanacs to zip codes, business to world history, there is a wide variety of information categories in the Reference section. The Subject Library provides your best source for in-depth listings by subject matter. The subjects are broadly catergorized under a basic dewey system. The Expert Advice page lets you submit questions to expert help websites on a variety of subjects. For a convenient alphebetized list of some commonly used resources, references and websites, use the Express List. To access some of the most useful reference websites on the Internet, use the Quick Reference, all organized by category. Use our Libraries & Books for links to the best on-line reference libraries and booksellers.

With our Express Search you will find quick access to commonly used web search resources such as dictionary, reference, stock quotes, local movie times, phone and address, and more. Our Search Desk is a comprehensive source for internet search sites (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.), reference searches for law, medical, math, science, encyclopdia, kids search, plus a set of language translation resources. You can always SEARCH our site for content (by word or phrase), by using the Google Custom Search box located at the top right of each page.

We attempt to keep our online ad content to a minimum and provide our service without any fees or subscription charges. Earnings from banner ads helps us offset operating costs and to remain free, so please use our advertisers when you see something of interest. We have vowed to never publish annoying pop-up/pop-under ads on our site...

Whether your at work, traveling or at home helping the kids with their school work, this site is your best resource index for facts and information with reviewed FAMILY-SAFE links. Think of our site as your gateway to the best reference material on the Internet.

Here's our 'We' list:
  • We give you concise, easy-to-find and useful information.
  • We provide a valuable service.
  • We rank in the top 10 at Google in search results on key words reference express.
  • We provide a site that is FREE.
  • We never link to adult-related, sexually explicit sites.
  • We our a 100% family-friendly with reviewed family-safe links.
  • We publish no pop-up or pop-under ads.
  • We provide links to Anti-Popup and Anti-SPAM tools, as well as links to useful free software.
  • We are more than 99% content, with a bare minimum of graphics and advertisements.
  • We have organized over 25,000 selected links on more than 500 pages.
  • We check and validate, twice yearly, links on our pages.
  • We enforce a strict Privacy Policy and we do not collect 'cookies'.
  • We have high standards for site inclusion.
  • We average over 1 million daily page views. (OK, not now, but someday!).
Remember our site is free, but not without cost. As site traffic increases so do our operating expenditures. Your support through donations allows Home & Office Reference Express® to remain free and on the Internet, so please help when you can in supporting us...

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