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Weather Express

Quick access to your local weather with weather links, severe weather alerts,
temperature conversions and wind chill calculator...

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Get Your Local Weather

Enter 5-Digit U.S. Zip Code

Courtesy of Weather Underground

National, Regional & Local Weather
   Click on maps for national, regional and local weather information
National Radar
National Radar
Current Weather
Current Weather
Local/Regional Radar
Local/Regional Radar
Thunderstorm Potential
Thunderstorm Potential
48hr Snowfall Forecast
48hr Snowfall Forecast
   Weather links courtesy of

Temperature Scale Conversion  Thermometer
   Enter a number in either box and click
   the other box to show conversion.
   Use the 'Reset' button to clear boxes.
  F:   C:
• Wind Chill Calculator   Thermometer
   Enter temperature in degrees (Fahrenheit) and
   a wind speed of at least 4 Miles Per Hour.
   Press the 'Calculate' button. Use 'Reset' to clear.
Temperature (F)

Wind Speed (MPH)

Wind Chill (F)
(Feels like...)
  Wind speeds of 4 MPH or less have
  little effect on wind chill.

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